School Wide Plan - This document explains the goals and plans the school has created to make sure all students succeed. Specifically, it defines how the school will provide resources and programs to improve the achievement for lower performing students. This document includes the schools plan in the following areas:

  1. Parent and Community Stakeholder Involvement

  2. Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  3. Schoolwide Plan Strategies

  4. Coordination and Integration

  5. Evaluation and Plan Revision

Parent/Family Compact 
A Family-School Compact is a voluntary agreement co-developed by parents, students, and teachers. It identifies how parents and the classroom teacher will work together to ensure all students receive the individual support they need to reach and exceed grade level standards. Schools, families, and students benefit when they all take collective responsibility for quality education. When a partnership exists and each partner fulfills his/her responsibilities, student learning improves.

Parents Rights to Know

Title I Presentations  English  Spanish

Federal Funding Feedback Survey
Parents, Guardians, and Community Stakeholders can complete the survey to provide information to the school on how effective educational programs are in improving student achievement, as well as suggestions on how the school can best serve students.

Parent Communication Survey